White Collar Crime and Theft Law in Illinois

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White collar crime includes fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and more. How does white collar crime and theft law work in Illinois, and how can you defend yourself? Learn more about these topics and how to navigate the Illinois court system.

  • ContentForgery in Illinois Re-Defined

    Forgery crimes in Illinois changed in 2012 with a redefining of what this crime means with an establishment of both penalties and how new and old crimes of forgery apply to the state. Depending on the circumstances, if there are a forgery instrument and the intent of the perpetrator, the state may define the actions as another crime entirely.

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  • ContentObstructing Identification Crime in Illinois

    Obstructing identification occurs when a person refuses to identify himself or herself to a law enforcement officer when asked. Failing to provide identification can result in a criminal charge and serious consequences.

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  • ContentExplaining White Collar Crimes

    White collar crime can take place at all levels of society. From counterfeiting, to blackmail, to embezzlement – it can be prosecuted on both the state and federal levels.

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  • ContentWhite Collar Crime Offenses: What You Need to Know

    Coined in 1939, the term white collar crime is now used to describe illegal behaviors of a non-violent nature. Often, these are actions which are spurred by financial motivations with the intention of monetary gain. However, these are offenses which are widely categorized, and not always easy to definitively pinpoint on any one individual or business entity.

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  • ContentChanges to the Illinois Retail Theft Laws

    Illinois lawmakers have recently enacted changes to the retail theft laws in the state. The changes were made to the definition of the crime, as well as to the penalties for these crimes. Understanding the new laws can help criminal defendants understand their rights and the nature of the charges against them.

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  • ContentShoplifting

    Have you ever been in a store and had someone follow you around watching your every move? That usually is because shoplifting is big business and, during a recession, it typically grows.

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