White Collar Crime Law in Texas

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White collar crime includes fraud, forgery, embezzlement, and more. How does white collar crime work in Texas, and how can you defend yourself? Learn more about these topics and how to navigate the Texas court system.

  • ContentExplanation of Identity Theft Laws in Texas

    Identity theft occurs in Texas when an individual uses another person’s personal information to acquire goods, services or other things of value. Identity theft can result in significant consequences to the victim and years of affected credit. The instances of identity theft have increased throughout Texas and the nation over the last several years.

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  • ContentGambling in Texas - If Bingo and the Lottery are Legal Why Not Betting on Sports?

    Texas gambling laws are complex and may require a better understanding by citizens and non-citizens that enter the state when wanting to play bingo, lottery and casino games or when wanting to bet on sports. Generally, betting on sports is an illegal gambling activity in the entire country, but other forms of gambling activities are based on the laws of the location.

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  • ContentTop Five White Collar Criminals of All Time

    Quick, who’s the top white collar criminal of all time? If you said, “Bernie Madoff” you’d be wrong, at least as far as sentences go. You wouldn’t be too far off—Mr. Madoff’s 150-year-sentence is impressive, but he only ranks fifth in the list of sentences imposed on high-dollar scammers. Here’s the list of the five most notorious “businessmen” of all time, beginning with that fifth-place notable crook:

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  • ContentBrady Violations in White Collar, Corruption Convictions

    Serious, Widespread and Intentional Concealment of Evidence by DOJ and US Attorneys - Former Alaska lawmaker, Vic Kohring, has entered a guilty plea admitting he accepted bribes from an “oil man” for his help in keeping taxes low on the Alaskan oil industry. The plea comes after an appellate court tossed out Kohring’s original conviction, along with others convicted in the scandal, after finding that the Government had intentionally withheld evidence in the trials.

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  • ContentTypes of White Collar Crimes

    White collar crimes are non-violent crimes that usually occur in the business world. If you have been accused of fraud, embezzlement, or money laundering you need to learn as much as you can about the charges you are facing. White collar crimes were given their name due to the fact that they are usually committed by business professionals within their workplace.

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