Who Can Be Charged with a DUI?

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While it is common knowledge that anyone driving with an over the limit blood alcohol content may be arrested for a DUI, it can be unclear if an arrest is warranted when other factors trigger a DUI arrest.

  • ContentCan I Be Held Responsible for Letting My Friend Drive Drunk?

    Due to an increasing number of drunk driving accidents, many states have cracked down on situations involving drunk drivers. This includes implications for both criminal culpability and civil liability.

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  • ContentCharged with DUI When Not Actually Driving - Is It Possible?

    There are certain instances where local law enforcement may charge a person in a car with a driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol even if this person is not currently driving when the cops arrive. It is important to understand when these charges may occur and how it may affect the individual’s chances of fighting a conviction.

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  • ContentDUI Laws for Underage Drivers

    More accidents are caused by drivers under 21 years of age than by any other demographic. When alcohol is added to the mix, the potential for injuries or fatalities increases exponentially leading to possibly large scale issues. A zero-tolerance policy has been issued in many states to deal with these drivers. In order to reduce or eliminate underage drinking, the zero tolerance policy is in effect in various states with severe consequences when these individuals are caught.

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  • ContentDUI with Less than a 0.08 BAC

    There are certain instances where police will arrest or charge a driver with driving under the influence of alcohol when the individual does not pass the national legal limit of blood alcohol content of 0.08 percent. The specific circumstances may depend on a variety of factors that place other drivers in danger with this person behind the wheel.

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  • ContentAre Bars and Clubs Responsible if Their Customers Get a DUI?

    People injured in DUI cases often sustain life-changing injuries. Frequently, these injuries mean the victims will require expensive medical attention, either for a short period of time or for the rest of their lives. Of course, individual drunk drivers may not have the resources to fully compensate victims in these situations.

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  • ContentCan Passengers Drink Alcohol in a Vehicle?

    Generally, all individuals in the vehicle must remain sober and keep alcohol capped or closed when the vehicle is on the road or in traffic. However, these legal rules may change based on the state, city or town the person resides in and this could lead to charges of open container or regulations that could penalize even a passenger when caught by police.

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  • ContentCan I Get Breathalyzed On My Boat?

    Most of us are familiar with the concept of driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI), but how do these translate to boating? Is it illegal to boat while drunk? If one is cited for boating under the influence, will that affect their driving license? Can you be given a breathalyzer on your boat?

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  • ContentChild Endangerment - a Possibility When Driving Drunk

    Driving while intoxicated and with a child in the vehicle may have both criminal and family consequences. Depending on the laws of the state and the conviction of driving drunk, the driver could both face child endangerment charges and may lose custody of the child.

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  • ContentCan I Be Sued for Serving Alcohol in My Home if Someone Gets in a Wreck?

    Due to the more prevalent nature of laws against drunk driving, many states have enacted laws that allow a personal injury victim to recover from the person who provided alcohol to an impaired driver. However, there may be exceptions regarding who can be made liable.

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