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Women's Legal Issues are a unique body of law with a distinct history. Although there has never been a better time in history to be a woman in this country, women still face a number of issues that men simply do not have to contend with.

Title IX - Equal Education

Title IX is the federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Although society has come a long way since its first enactment, Title IX is still very much a part of American education laws. Much current Title IX law today pertains to equal opportunities in student sports.


Women still face discrimination in the workplace. From sexual harassment to unequal pay, American women still have a number of unique legal hurdles that men rarely face.

Reproductive Rights

Women have a unique role in the reproductive process that men simply do not. As a result, women's health issues, including reproductive rights remain a matter of great public concern. Whether pro-life or pro-choice, reproductive rights will likely forever remain a hot button issue in American law and politics.

Social Programs

Women are at greater risk of poverty than men at all stages of their lives because of ongoing employment discrimination and a tendency to retain greater responsibilities for taking care of children. Similarly, women's longer lifespans and lower lifetime earnings tends to expose them to greater risk of poverty after retirement. As a result, a number of social programs recognize gender based preferences in order to better account for these facts.

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