Wrongful Convictions and Sentence Reductions in New York

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Convicted of a crime in New York that you didn’t commit, or receive a felony sentence rather than a misdemeanor? Learn how to petition for factual innocence and the steps necessary to get an expungement.

  • ContentHow Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Lessen or Dismiss Charges for Clients?

    If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, your heart probably skipped a beat when you found out how much time behind bars a guilty verdict could result in. If that’s your situation, there’s good news: very rarely do people have to serve the maximum sentence possible for the charges they’re faced with.

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  • ContentCompensation for a Wrongful Conviction

    "Man Freed after 23 Years in Prison for a Crime He Didn't Commit -- and Gets $0. More than two decades ago, a Kansas man named Lamonte McIntyre was arrested, charged and wrongfully convicted of a 1994 double homicide -- a crime he did not commit. However, after the state of Kansas stole 23 years of his life, he was freed just last week following his exoneration."

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  • ContentReport: African Americans Are More Likely to Face Wrongful Convictions

    According to a new report that examined roughly 1,900 exonerations nationwide, innocent African Americans are far more likely than other races to be wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit.

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  • Content3 Reasons Why Wrongful Convictions Occur

    Even though we would like to believe that everyone in jail is there for a reason, the truth is that people are wrongfully convicted for crimes they did not commit far more often than most people realize.

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